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Two-Pole Strain Carrier Accessories

Two-Pole Yokes

Two-pole yokes can be ordered separately to make up any of the two pole strain carriers shown on Page 2254. The yokes are fabricated of high strength (3/4" and 1" thick) aluminum plate.

The yokes have 26" width between the center of the adjustable strain poles used with them. Maximum load ratings are 15,000 pounds per insulator string.

Catalog No. Description Weight
C4011720 Conductor End Yoke Assembly 25 lb./11.3 kg.
C4011721 Structure End Yoke Assembly 20 lb./9.0 kg.

Deadend Compression Yoke Assembly

Used with Two-Pole Strain Carriers, these units grip compression sleeves over the compressed area, requiring no shoulder or adapter to pull against. Castings are heat treated aluminum. When used with 2" adjustable strain poles, this assembly is rated at 11,000 pounds maximum load.

Designed specifically for use on extension links. A swing up gate exposes the shoe area of the assembly to the load and must be closed before taking up tension.

Catalog No. Description Weight
C4010095 Compression Yoke Assembly
Complete with a Hot Line
Extension Link for 3/4"
and 1" dia. shank
44 lb./19.8 kg.

Take-Up Trunnions

For replacement or conversion, these trunnions are bronzealloy and ball-thrust bearing construction for use on adjustable strain poles. They are designed to equal the capacity of all Chance yokes and provide maximum efficiency for the lineman. Require M19483 Ratchet.

Catalog No. Description Weight
E4012066P One Large Trunnion, replaces 70356 3 1/2 lb./
1.6 kg.
E4012068P One Small Trunnion, replaces E4010486 2 lb./0.9 kg.

Trunnion Gauge

Gauge for Trunnions E4012066 and E4012068 above with 3/4" Acme threads.

Catalog No. Description Weight
T4012265 Trunnion Gauge for 3/4" Acme threads 1/2 lb. / 0.25 kg.

Deadend Sockets

The Deadend Socket is furnished with the Two-Pole Strain Carrier. Use following catalog number for ordering replacement.

Max. Load Rating: 15,000 lb.

Catalog No. Bolted Strain Clamp Max. Conductor Range of Fittings Compression Deadend Body Maximum Approx. Weight
Maximum Copper or ACSR Minimum Copper or ACSR
C4011894 For Extension Links with 7/8" Shank and 1-1/2" Collar.
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