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BLP Composite Braced Line Post- Mechanical Considerations 351 KB
EF9091T Insulator Selection Guide Transmission 172 KB
EU116 Why Are You Still Using Porcelain? 152 KB
EU1084 Australian utility makes extensive use of Hi*Lite® posts to reduce environmental impact 1.31 MB
EU1194 Visionary - Ohio Brass 1.05 MB
EU1205 Polymer vs Porcelain Suspension Insulator Equivalence - What To Use? 1.11 MB
EU1264-H Polymer Materials For Insulator Weathersheds 2.04 MB
EU1233-HR2 Hi*Lite® Cost Effective Polymer Insulation Transmission 833 KB
EU1234-H What is Corona? Corona Discharge and Their Relationship to Radio Interference 1.71 MB
EU1278HR ESP™ Polymer Products From Ohio Brass 499 KB
EU1300-H Non Ceramic Insulator Workshop 3.47 MB
EU1379-H Polymer Solutions to Contaminated Environments 54 KB
EU1407 Polymer Compounds Used In High Voltage Insulators 77 KB
EU1411 Veri*Lite™ Product Line Expands 812 KB
EU1451-H Veri*Lite™ Suspension Insulators for 35kV to 69kV Applications 123 KB
EU1466 Unique Live Interface - Improves long term performance of polymer insulators 81 KB
EU1499-WB This Family Just Keeps on Growing: New VLS-2 Insulator 360 KB
EU1507WB Veri*Lite™ Product Line Expands: Now with 28kV and 35kV Units 576 KB
EU1539 Quadri*Sil™ Insulators 1.39 MB
EU1540 Silicone Compounds for High-Voltage Insulators: Compounding Silicone Rubber (Part 1 of 2-Part Series) 969 KB
EU1541 Silicone Compounds for High-Voltage Insulators: HPS Testing of Silicone Compounds (Part 2 of a 2-Part Series) 1.17 MB
EU1570 Ohio Brass PDI Polymer Deadend Insulators 1.04 MB
EU1591 Composite Braced Line Posts - Mechanical Considerations 1.92 MB
EU1592 Considerations for Loading Braced Line Posts 764 KB
PDI-15 PDI-15 Comparison 56.9 KB
PDI-25 PDI-25 Comparison 58.5 KB
PDI-28 PDI-28 Comparison 58.2 KB
PDI-35-46 PDI-35 Comparison 57.3 KB
SF08002E Uni-directional Corona Ring 133 KB
SF08004E Silicone PDI: Your Solution ... 431 KB
SF08006E New and Improved: Uni-directional Corona Ring 232 KB
SF08013E Insulator Enhanced Crating System 343 KB
SF08014E Quadri*Sil® Line Post Insulator: 2.5", 3" and 3.5" Designs 130 KB
SF08022E Reuel Insulators 399 KB
SF08031E Polymer Insulator Tester 383 KB
Jul-02 Ease of EHV live-line maintenance by design of structures, hardware, hot-line tools and polymer insulators 125 KB
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