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Lineman Tools Literature

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06-8601 Expert Advise to Make your Hoist more Versatile 82 KB
06-9601 Hoist Safety. How to inspect, test and maintain 206 KB
07-001 Chance - Right on speed ... Right on accuracy. LoadLooker ammeters 172 KB
07-41MI-R Chance - Test Instruments for Field Safety 130 KB
07-51HLT-R Chance - Testing hot-line tools to meet OSHA regulations 120 KB
07-61-R Chance - Utility driven innovations and service for 60 years 129 KB
07-87-R1 Chance - Your Zone of Defense 145 KB
07-98-1R2 Chance - This package goes beyond tools 167 KB
07-0801 Chance Encyclopedia of Grounding for De-Energized Construction and Maintenance
07-0801S Chance Enciclopedia de las puestas a tierra
07-0901WB Chance Lineman Grade Gloves - Straight Cuff - ASTM Class 00, 0 867 KB
07-0902WB Chance Lineman Grade Gloves - Straight Cuff - ASTM Class 1, 2, 3, 4 930 KB
07-0903WB Chance Lineman Grade Gloves - Bell Cuff - ASTM Class 1, 2, 3, 4 1.04 MB
07-0905WB Chance Lineman Grade Gloves - Chance Rubber Gloves and Sleeves are all Green! 256K
07-0906WB Chance Lineman Grade Gloves - Reduce Hand Fatigue 1.85 MB
07-1001 Chance Lineman Grade Gloves - Rubber Glove Inspection Tips 728 KB
07-1003 Epoxiglas Insulated Jibs and Extensions with Material Handling Accessories for most truck brands 838 KB
07-1005WB Chance® Rubber Insulating Blankets Flyer 1.05 MB
07-1101WB Chance® Distribution Tools & Anderson Distribution Connectors and Tools 1.9 MB
07-1201 Chance® Walk-In Tool Trailers 4.09 MB
07-1202 5H Rated Grounding Sets 3.70 MB
07-1206 Chance® Hot Line Tools and Grounding Line Card 1.00 MB
07-2001WB Tools for any way you tackle temporary hot-line jumpering 1.0 MB
07-2003WB Safety-Proven Methods for EHV Hot-Line Work 639 KB
07-8701 DC Hi-Pot Adapter for URD Testing 111 KB
07-8702 Meter Checks at Site, Keep Safety High 244 KB
07-8703 URD Cable Testing, A Key Step to Grounding 107 KB
07-9303 Chance Tension Puller Switching Tool 332.2 KB
07-9501 500 kV Hot Stick Training 901 KB
07-9503 Substation Temporary Grounding 564 KB
07-9504WB Fully-Hotstickable Ratchet Hoist 688 KB
07-9702 Ease of EHV live-line maintenance by design of structures, hardware, hot-line tools and polymer insulators 125 KB
07-9802 LoadLooker 173 KB
09-2000WB Testing is Essential for Grounding Equipment 122 KB
09-2001WB EQUI-MAT Personal Protective Ground Grid: Protective grounding for workers on ground level 277.8 KB
09-8801 Recommended Temporary Ground Sets for RUS Type Distribution and Subtransmission Construction 239 KB
09-9101 Personnel protective grounding in substations made easy 162 KB
09-9504 Grounding For Maintenance 263 KB
Battery Powered Crimping Tool 142 KB
Battery Powered Crimping Tool (VC6-350BP) 100 KB
Chance Hoists 121 KB
Chance Hot Line Tools 144 KB
Aluminum Conduit Standoffs 183 KB
Chance Telescopic Tools 148 KB
Chance Testing Instruments 119 KB
Digital Phasing Testers 110 KB
Digital Phasing Testers 117 KB
Equi-Mat™ Personal Protective Ground Grid 223 KB
Fargo "Speed" Wrenches 102 KB
New ARVI (Auto-Ranging Voltage Indicator) for 600V to 69kV 108 KB
19-9106 Products of Hubbell Power Systems 1.59 MB
19-9701AR Chance - Tools, techniques, training … count on us 211 KB
2600 Recommended Hotline Tool Lists 936 KB
BR09001E Tips of the Trade - Three-phase Boom Lift 2.5 MB
BR09002E Testing Hot Line Tools: In Compliance with OSHA Rules and Regulations 615 KB
BR09003E Cover Up Care 1.09 MB
BR09004E Tips of the Trade - Hoists Safety 1.78 MB
BR09006C Hot Line Tools Training (Chinese) 1.58 MB
BR09006E Hot Line Tools Training (English) 893 KB
BR09006S Hot Line Tools Training (Spanish) 1.48 MB
BR09023E Capstan Hoist: Ten Safety Recommendations 2.06 MB
BR09052E Fiberglass Pop-Up Trailer for Hot Line Tools (English) 2.27 MB
BR09052S Fiberglass Pop-Up Trailer for Hot Line Tools (Spanish) 2.27 MB
BR09080E Portable Protective Air Gap Tool 1.32 MB
PR09007E CHANCE Lineman's Slang Dictionary 471 KB
SF09010E CHANCE Low-voltage Rubber Gloves: Solid Color Gloves 348 KB
SF09018E CHANCE Full Range Conductor Gauge 694 KB
SF09021E CHANCE Meter Claw™ & Barrier 541 KB
SF09022E CHANCE Leather Protector Gloves 549 KB
SF09024E CHANCE Crossarm Link Stick 178 KB
SF09025E CHANCE Pole Protector: New Surface Guard for Concrete, Fiberglass, Steel Poles 188 KB
SF09026E CHANCE Animal Catcher PSC4033614 346 KB
SF09028E CHANCE High-Voltage Insulated Ladders: Now Certified to IEC 61478 - Category 2 284 KB
SF09036E CHANCE Low-Voltage Rubber Gloves - Two New Colors 384 KB
SF09042E CHANCE Flexible Cutout Covers 591 KB
SF09044E CHANCE Rescue Hook: New Safety Tool (English) 669 KB
SF09044S CHANCE Rescue Hook: New Safety Tool (Spanish) 263 KB
SF09047E CHANCE New Higher Rated: 5H Ball/Stud Grounding System 342 KB
SF09050E CHANCE Overhead Switch Barrier: Cover All Three Phases 564 KB
SF09050S CHANCE Overhead Switch Barrier: Cover All Three Phases (Spanish) 529 KB
SF09054E CHANCE Epoxiglas® Bond Kit 472 KB
SF09059E 22” X 22” Rubber Blankets: Class 4 Type II 1.7 MB
SF09068E IEC 61230 Earthing: Temporary Grounding (English) 1.3 MB
SF09068S IEC 61230 Earthing: Temporary Grounding (Spanish) 1.23 MB
SF09069E Hubbell/Chance Impact Disconnect Stick (English) 387 KB
SF09069S Hubbell/Chance Impact Disconnect Stick (Spanish) 384 KB
SF09079E Symmetrical Tension Puller (English) 433 KB
SF09079S Symmetrical Tension Puller (Spanish) 433 KB
SF09087E Are You Making the Grade? Meet OSHA Guidelines 433 KB
SF09090E Proximity Voltage Indicator 544 KB
- Rubber-insulating Gloves User Instructions 212 KB
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August 02
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All-Angle Cog Wrenches 61 KB
August 02
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New Overhead and Underground Sets Help Add Worker Safety 58 KB
August 04
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The best all around cover up equipment 110 KB
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