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Racks, Capacitor

• Five sizes for one to twelve 200-kvar capacitors
• Shipped fully assembled to go up fast

Lightweight and pre-assembled for installation ease

To save you installation time and money, all Hubbell aluminum capacitor racks are fully assembled. Five sizes are designed for mounting capacitors with a 15-5/8" lug spacing and weighing up to 80 pounds each. The racks are notably light in weight compared to their strength ratings.

Each capacitor rack is furnished complete with a ground wire clamp secured by a 3/8" bolt.

Mounting bolts are not included. The single-unit (CCR1) rack requires a 5/8" through bolt and a lag bolt; the largest rack (CCR912) requires two 3/4" through bolts; and each of other three racks (CCR3, CCR34, CCR6) requires two 5/8" through bolts. All come with illustrated mounting instructions.

Adjustability of multi-unit models

Every unit comes with two pre-spaced 3/8" hold-down bolts (each with a flat washer, a lockwasher and a nut) per capacitor, up to the rack's maximum.

These hold-down bolt heads are trapped in the T-slot channel to ensure proper spacing for mounting. Whether mounting the maximum or fewer capacitors, they must be evenly spaced in the rack for proper load distribution.

Maximum Number
of Capacitors
Mounting Hardware
(Purchased Seperately)
Hole Spacing
Approx. Ship
Wt. per Each
CCR1 1 One 5/8" Machine Bolt &
One Lag Bolt
5" 4.50 lbs.
CCR3 3 Two 5/8" Machine Bolts 9" & 12" 17.00 lbs.
CCR34 4 18.00 lbs.
CCR6 6 22.50 lbs.
CCR912 12 Two 3/4" Machine Bolts 10-1/4" 85.00 lbs.
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