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Padlock, Ice Breaker

The perfect answer for sub-station fences, switches, outdoor cubicles and many other applications where ice, dust or corrosion have been problems in the past.

  • Thousands of padlocks have been tested for many applications in outdoor service under conditions of freezing rain, ice storms, melting and freezing snow and heavy condensation that freezes at night.
  • Padlocks are available to keyed alike or differently.
  • Padlock face is protected by flush fitting, flip up lid held snugly against the padlocks by a spring.
  • Disc tumbler lock is housed in a one-piece sturdy aluminum alloy casting. All components are of non-ferrous metals to prevent rust.
  • The swing yoke easily breaks through heavy coatings of ice as the lock is opened.
  • Keyed-alike locks are available with four different series of key numbers.
  • Keyed-differently locks are available in series of successive key numbers.

The padlock is 5-3/8" high, 1-1/2" wide, 2-1/4" deep. Yoke diameter is 5/16".

Catalog Number
Description Information for Padlock Key Approx. Ship
Wt. per
Number for
Additional Key
Key I.D. Number
Keyed Alike
Master Key A DM21M902 5239 0.850 lbs.
DMPL61A2T Master Key B DM21M903 2382
DMPL61A3T Master Key C DM21M904 X-634
DMPL61A4T Master Key D DM21M905 X-649
DMPL61D1T Each Padlock
Keyed Differently
Uniquely Keyed Unique to
Unique to
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