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Step, Detachable Pole

Detachable Type

Steps make a neat appearance and deter unauthorized pole climbing. Installed a wood pole by placing plate over lag until plate cuts into pole. Nail driven into bottom hole gives extra rigidity. Step fits on lag head. Order lags and steps separately.

Fabricated-steel step is hot-dip galvanized. Removable to help prevent unauthorized climbing access, each step has an upturned tab to help keep foot in place.

In steel pole install items the special headed bolt is installed in a 1/2-13 RIVNUT® (purchased seperately).

Lag & Plate

Catalog Number Description Used on Approx. Ship Wt. per Each
PS6235#* Lag & Plate Wood Pole 0.60 lbs.
T2050433 Bolt & Plate Steel Pole 0.64 lbs.
T2050449 Bolt, Plate & Step 0.49 lbs.
PS6236#* Step Only Above Lag/Bolt & Plate 1.05 lbs.
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