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Brackets, Neutral Wire

Neutral Extension Brackets

Increases spacing between pole and neutral wire. Provides offset between neutral and phase conductors to prevent phase-to-ground contacts during sudden release of accumulated ice. To prevent disassembly due to vibration, insulator is retained with round washer, regular square nut, and selflocking cotter. Use DE4S-series insulator; order separately. Hot-dipped galvanized steel for corrosion resistance.

Catalog Number Offset Extension Accommodates Mounting Bolt Size Approx. Ship Wt. per Each
C2060004* 15" 5/8" Upper, 1/2" Lower 8.00 lbs.
DC6N1 13 3/4" 4.50 lbs.

Neutral Wire Fitting

Used where a neutral wire is used as one of a 3-phase circuit. Has 11/16" mounting slots. Non-insulating. Hot dip galvanized steel.

Catalog Number Maximum Wire Size Offset from Pole Face Pole Bearing Surface Length Accommodates Mounting Bolt Size Approx. Ship Wt. per Each
3470 1/2" 1-5/8" 2-1/2" 5/8" 1.24
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