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Padmount Switches (AIS)

Features Benefits
True air-insulated deadfront design - Minimizing electrical exposure to work crews and the public
- Reduces maintenance requirements
- Reduces outages caused by vegetation and/or animal intrusion
Large viewing windows Maximum visibility of 600A switch position and fuse condition
Built-in 9" base spacing Increases door clearance and reduces the need for additional base spacers
No center door support Increases working area in cable compartments
Replaceable 600A bushings All 600A bushings are externally replaceable

The AIS padmounted switch is an air-insulated, deadfront switch used for sectionalizing underground distribution systems. It is available in 15kV and 25kV ratings and in a variety of switch/fuse configurations. There are also extensive options available.

The AIS Switch is a true deadfront design with a sealed switching compartment, utilizing air as the insulating medium along with a deadfront connector system. This combination minimizes electrical exposure to work crews and the public, reduces outages, reduces maintenance requirements and provides the most cost effective solution for 15kV and 25kV underground system sectionalizing.

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