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Truck Grounding Set

Convenient set provides means to drain off capacitance or static charges from winch trucks and aerial devices.

Flat face clamp is for secure attachment to the truck bed at an area cleaned for electrical contact. C-type clamp is for secure attachment to ground rod.

This grounding method should not be considered adequate protection to personnel against conductor contact.

For truck-grounding with ball/socket-clamp, see page 3103.

Truck Grounding Set
Catalog No. T6001971
(total weight 35 lb./15.75 kg.) consists of:

Component Qty. Description
Screw Ground Rod 1 Cat. No. G3370
Flat Face Ground Clamp 1 Cat. No. T6001798
C-Type Ground Clamp 1 Cat. No. C6001754
#2 Copper Grounding Cable 50 ft. Cat. No. S6116
*Shrouded Alum. Ferrules 2 Cat. No. C6002618A
Storage Reel 1 Cat. No. C417-6086
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